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Music with Babies Summer Classes 2017



Give your child the gift of music! 

Edgewood College will be offering two Early Childhood Music Programs, one designed for newborns, and another one for babies 12 months to 36 months. Parents and guardians will be able to participate in the sessions with their children learning music through playing.
Fridays, July 21 to August 1





Class One
4-week session, Ages: Newborns to 12 months, 10:20 am to 10:50 am

Class Two
4-week session, Ages: 12 to 36 months, 11 am to 11:30 am

Location: Mazzuchelli Hall, Room 208, 1000 Edgewood College Dr., Madison, WI 

$40 for one session, $30 for each additional child per household 

Registration forms available at:

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More information
Professor Beatriz E. Aguilar,, 608.663.3442

Fall Music Classes

Fall Music Classes

Piano Class
Learn to play piano. This course is for students with no previous keyboard experience.
Prerequisites: None.  
MUS 101 B

Guitar Class
Learn to play guitar. A class guitar approach that includes a variety of styles and techniques.
Prerequisites: None.  
MUS 106 B

West African Drumming
A performance-based drumming class with an emphasis on the role of drumming in a variety of West African cultures and the transformation of such styles in cultures throughout the world.
Prerequisites: None. 

Middle Eastern Drumming and Culture
Students will learn and perform basic techniques on percussion instruments representing a variety of Middle Eastern cultures.  
Prerequisites: None.  

The Basics of Singing  
Do you enjoy singing or would like to learn how to sing? This course offers basic instruction in the art and craft of singing and speaking. Designed for students with no previous vocal training.
Prerequisites: None.  
MUS 122B

Jazz History  
This course will explore the history of Jazz music in America. Students will investigate various styles and periods in the development of jazz.
Prerequisites: None.  
MUS 152 AD

World  Music     
This course explores global music in cultural context, and includes examination of traditional ritualistic music as well as modern transformations.
Prerequisites: ENG 110 or W cornerstone.  

Intro to the Language of  Music
Learn the basics of music notation and composition.
MUS 140

Music Experiences for  Early Childhood
Learn how to plan and provide music experiences for babies 0-4 years old. Basic musical knowledge is required. There will be a Music for Babies’ class attached to this course.
MUS 250