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Fine Arts Scholarship in Music are awarded to students based on an audition in one of the following areas: 
voice, woodwind, brass, percussion, piano, orchestral strings, or classical guitar.
Audition dates:  February 21, March 21, and April 11

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Spring Music Classes at Edgewood College



Piano Class                                           

Learn to play piano. This course is for students with no previous keyboard experience. Prerequisites: None.  MUS 101 B

Guitar Class

Learn to play guitar. A class guitar approach that includes a variety of styles and techniques. Prerequisites: None.  MUS 106 B

West African Drumming

A performance-based drumming class with an emphasis on the role of drumming in a variety of West African cultures and the transformation of such styles in cultures throughout the world. Prerequisites: None.  MUS 111A BG

Middle Eastern Drumming and Culture

Students will learn and perform basic techniques on percussion instruments representing a variety of Middle Eastern cultures.  Prerequisites: None.  MUS 111B BG

The Basics of Singing                

Do you enjoy singing or would like to learn how to sing? This course offers basic instruction in the art and craft of singing and speaking. Designed for students with no previous vocal training. Prerequisites: None.  MUS 122B

Women in Music

An examination of the role of women in music in a wide array of genres, ranging from art music to rock and blues, with focus on social construction of gendered roles in music. Students will write a research paper on a topic of interest to them. Prerequisites: None.  MUS 158 AQX 001

Popular Music: A Multi-Cultural Approach

This course will explore the impact of geographical location, race, class and ethnicity on the development of American popular music. Students will investigate a variety of genres and styles as well as key contributors to this music. Prerequisites: None. MUS 159 AD 001

Computer Applications in Music

This class is designed to enhance your knowledge about computer hardware and software as they relate to music research, listening, composing, performing, teaching, publishing, and managing. Prerequisites: None. MUS 191  

Spring 2018 Music Classes at Edgewood College