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***Information about degree requirements and courses is provided here for unofficial reference only and should NOT be used as a replacement for advising. It is imperative that you refer to the official Edgewood College catalogue and consult with your advisor to ensure you are meeting your degree requirements.

west African Drumming


Twenty-seven credits, to include 20 in the following required courses:
  • MUS 140 B Introduction to the Language of Music (or proficiency)
  • MUS 141 B Music Structures and MUS 142 Ear Training and Solfege I
  • MUS 143 & 144 Theory II & Ear Training and Solfege II

One of the following music appreciation courses:
  • MUS 155 OR 158 AGX World Music or Women in Music
  • MUS 344 Conducting
  • MUS 355 OR 356 Music History

Additional Requirements for the Minor:

Private Lessons (3 credits): Students must complete three credits of private study on a major instrument or voice. At least one credit must be completed at the 300 level with a grade of “C” or better.

Performing Organization (4 credits): Students must complete four credits of performing organizations. Contact the department chair prior to registration for placement.

All students who study privately will concurrently enroll in a performance class (MUS 000), and will participate in a juried review during final examination week.

Music minors must pass 3 semesters of MUS 000. Any music minor failing 2 consecutive semesters of MUS 000 will not be permitted to continue in the program.